1.5 oz Glass Hexagon Jars Small Glass Jars for Wedding Party Favors, Spice, Herbs, Jam, Honey

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  • SIZE: 1.5 OZ

  • MOQ: For bottles in stock, the MOQ is 1000pcs;
    For customized bottles, the MOQ is 30000pcs.
  • Delivery Time: 3-7 days when have stock;
    20-30 days when need customization.
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    • Size - 2 inches tall x 2 inches diameter
    • Capacity - 1.5 ounces (liquid volume) = 3 tablespoons (Note refers to volume not weight)
    • Material - Glass jar with metal twist lug-style lids for an airtight food safe seal (hot fill applications)
    • Pocket size - This jar is small enough to put in a bag or pocket or take on the go
    • Twist-lug style lid - lid is like a jam jar lid

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    Airtight Seal

    The spiral design of the outer ring of the bottle mouth and the tinplate sealing cap make it tightly sealed, so it will not leak water when it is inverted, and it also plays a role in preserving freshness


    Smooth Mouth

    The rounded bottle mouth makes it look beautiful and does not scratch your hands. And the thick glass design makes it stable, not easy to break.


    Transparent Body

    With the transparent body, you can see the contents clearly with the lid on. And the exquisite six-sided bottle body design brings you a unique visual enjoyment.


    Our tiny high quality glass hexagon jars are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Use them for party favors, jams, jellies or honey, homemade treats, candles, spice storage, creams, scrubs and other crafts or DIY projects. These jars are elegant 6-faceted tiny jars with gold lug-style lids which make them perfect for gifts and samples.

    • DIY & Craft: Sugar scrubs, aromatherapy essential oil creams, candles and more
    • Herbs & Spices: If you grow and dry your own herbs, these are ideal airtight containers for dried herbs such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint, parsley, basil, cilantro, chives, lavender, dill, tarragon, sage and more
    • Canning & Samples: Jellies, jams, fruit butters, honey and other tasty treats
    • Party Favors: Baby and wedding showers; birthdays, receptions, anniversaries, stocking stuffers
    • Balms & Medicine: Perfect size for tiny portions

    Honey Jar

    This honey jar can be used to hold honey. It is small to carry easily, and the size of the bottle mouth is also large enough to put the honey stick in. You can also simply decorate the jar as a gift to friends and family

    Candy Jar

    This storage jar can be used to hold candy and other snacks. The small size and the unique six-sided bottle design allow children to hold it firmly and not easily fall off

    Spice Jar

    It is very suitable to be used as spice jars. The transparent bottle body allows you to clearly distinguish which spice is inside. And you can also use the free label to put it on the bottle to distinguish

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