4oz Square Glass Yogurt Jars Pudding Jars with Cork lids

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  • SIZE: 4oz

  • MOQ: For bottles in stock, the MOQ is 1000pcs;
    For customized bottles, the MOQ is 30000pcs.
  • Delivery Time: 3-7 days when have stock;
    20-30 days when need customization.
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    • High quality: Made from thick high quality white clear glass, 100% recyclable, non-toxic, preservative and high temperature resistance,It's also safe in the dishwasher.
    • Perfect for daily use: These pudding jar can be put into the dish-washing machine, microwave oven, safe and healthy, every can be used for parties, baby birthdays, weddings,can also be used as spice bottles, candy bottles, milk bottles, etc.
    • DIY storage : A good way to store pudding,honey,yogurt,ramekin,homemade jams,jelly, mousse and other small dessert and spices so on, convenient and quick.

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    This glass bottles are made of pure glass material which is extremely safe, PBA, and lead free which is known as a kind of special environmental and healthy glass material.Thickened threaded bottom design, concave design, stable and durable.



    The mouth of the bottle is smooth, burr-free, and the lid is sealed and leak-proof. It is food-grade and can fit tightly to the mouth of the bottle.



    Glass bottles are super smooth for dishwasher safe and which makes them easy to clean by clear water and maintain for long-time using.


    Function 1:

    Mini glass jars for kitchen use.

    It can be used to store condiments and various sauces.

    Small size design, does not need to occupy too much space, the refrigerator can also accommodate, the kitchen stove can also be placed.

    It is not only convenient and practical, but also helps you to store it reasonably, so that your kitchen and refrigerator are clean, tidy and beautiful.

    Function 2:

    Mini glass storage bottles for daily use.

    It can be used to store candy, regular vitamins or health pills. It is convenient to use and does not occupy space.

    The jar is light and suitable for carrying, transparent glass bottle, and it is easy to distinguish each bottle.

    A complimentary label can also help you differentiate.

    Function 3:

    Mini square glass containers can be used in important occasions.

    It can store delicious food.

    Jelly, pudding, jam, salad sauce, etc.

    You can DIY all kinds of delicious food, which can not only save money, but also reduce waste and pollution.

    Wedding, major holiday party, birthday party, student ceremony and so on, you can use these bottles to make exquisite desserts.

    You can use it at home, make delicious breakfast and dessert, and send your children a strong love.

    Function 4:

    It can be used to hold dried flowers, Mini vase, spices, notes, wish paper, Pentagram stars, paper cranes and other small accessories.

    You can decorate your bedroom, study and any other space you feel you need.

    You can also make small gifts by hand for your neighbors, relatives and friends. The gift is small but full of meaning.

    You can also exercise your and your children's manual skills, play creativity, and design different styles of gifts.

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